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Logan Burnett

Logan Burnett

MIT Department: Nuclear Science and Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Emilio Baglietto
Research Supervisor:
Undergraduate Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Hometown: Helena, Alabama
Website: LinkedIn


Logan Burnett will graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and minors in Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics. After working in a 2D materials synthesis laboratory in the beginning of his sophomore year, he transitioned to computational condensed matter physics where he performed research on improving density functional theory (DFT) predictions for rare earth materials. Through his research, Logan has used many of the nation’s fastest supercomputers and consequently developed interest in high-throughput computational modeling. Alongside computational materials research, he also works at UAB’s Cyclotron Facility producing radioisotopes for medical imaging. Outside of research and coursework, Logan enjoys working on 3D printers, spending time with family and friends, and learning about clean energy technology, specifically nuclear fusion devices. His goal is to pursue a PhD in Nuclear Science and Engineering and perform research on tokamak fusion reactors. Logan hopes to combine his interest in high-throughput computing and fusion technology to help accelerate the development of a commercial nuclear fusion reactor. During MSRP 2023, he hopes to work with MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering faculty and gain experience in the field of nuclear technology research.

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