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Isabella Macias

Isabella Macias

MIT Department: Physics
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Andrew Vandenburg
Research Supervisor: Sydney Jenkins
Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Hometown: New York City, New York
Website: LinkedIn


Isabella Macias is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida (UF), majoring in Astrophysics with a minor in Latin American Studies. Her career goals are to obtain a Ph.D., acquire an astrophysics research position within NASA, and construct a public outreach program that will encourage students from minority communities to pursue a STEM career. As a student, her research background has involved participating in NASA’s L’SPACE Academies, serving as the UF Undergraduate Telescope Operator, working as a Caltech SURF student for the NASA NEOWISE Mission, and specializing in stellar archaeology as a UF Undergraduate Research Assistant. This summer, Bella will work with her faculty mentor, Dr. Andrew Vanderburg, to establish exomoon constraints in the Beta Pictoris system using astrometric measurements. As a first-generation Latina, she also works as a College Coach with the UnidosNow non-profit organization, inspiring the next generation of first-gen students to seek higher education.

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