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Griheydi Garcia Bonilla

Griheydi Garcia Bonilla

MIT Department: Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Danna Freedman
Research Supervisor: Douglas Fabini
Undergraduate Institution: Manhattan College
Hometown: New York City, New York
Website: LinkedIn


Griheydi Garcia is a senior at Manhattan College studying Chemistry (B.S.) with a concentration in Applied Mathematics. She has published twice and received the ACS Excellence in Chemistry Award from the ACS New York Chapter. She works with Dr. Oliynyk at Manhattan College, studying and synthesizing uranium and rare-earth intermetallic compounds. Her most notable project was “Exploring intermetallic materials for nuclear waste absorption and storage,” where she calculated and synthesized GdGa2 for uranium waste storage. Throughout her research experiences, she has learned various chemical research techniques to deepen her knowledge and skills in analytical and experimental techniques. She is interested in material synthesis and characterization for applications such as photovoltaics, semiconductors, etc. In her free time, she loves exploring different genres of books and music. She hopes to obtain her Ph.D. upon graduation and join the energy industry to find materials suitable for energy storage.

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