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Florencia Corbo-Ferreira

Florencia Corbo-Ferreira

MIT Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Desiree Plata
Research Supervisor: Nicolette Bugher
Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Website: LinkedIn


Florencia Corbo-Ferreira is a senior in Environmental Engineering at the University of Florida. She is interested in environmental chemistry research that has water treatment and sustainable development applications. She has research experience in the following fields: engineering education, microbial water treatment, membrane biofouling prevention, and contaminant fate and transport. She has been involved with Engineers Without Borders throughout college, where she worked as a design lead to support an agricultural community in Maras Ayllu, Peru. Learning from that community further fueled her passion to contribute a solution to water access and sanitation issues. Her connection to South America through her Hispanic background pushes her to learn more about the systemic issues in the region that cause a lack of access to clean water. Florencia’s goal is to obtain her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and work at the nexus of research and industry to improve humanity’s relationship with the planet. She aims to contribute a solution to the global water crisis and help increase access to clean drinking water through environmental chemistry and water treatment technology. In her free time, she loves exploring, listening to music, visiting art museums, and spending time with family and friends.

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