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Bushra Orpa

Bushra Orpa

MIT Department: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Dirkk Englund
Research Supervisor: Charles Hsu
Undergraduate Institution:  North Carolina Central University 
Hometown: Barisal, Bangladesh
Website: LinkedIn


Bushra Orpa was born in Barisal, Bangladesh, on December 11, 2001. Her journey to the USA in 2016 began an inspiring and determined pursuit of academic and professional excellence. Starting as a full-time college student while working tirelessly on the night shift at a semiconductor company, she proved her dedication and resilience. Bushra became the company’s maintenance specialist in a year thanks to her dedication and problem-solving talents. She became interested in physics and quantum computing after working in the semiconductor sector. Bushra studied physics at NCCU after two years at a community college. Her research and academic performance as a rising NCCU junior shows her passion for comprehending quantum complexity. Bushra’s academic success and semiconductor industry experience make her an ideal fit for MIT’s quantum computing program. Her skill in maintaining and debugging implant and annihilator instruments is important in Diamond Fabrication, a step toward quantum computing.

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