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Angelina Schorr

Angelina Schorr

MIT Department: Biological Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Anders Hansen
Research Supervisor: Sarah Nemsick
Undergraduate Institution: Brown University
Hometown: Malden, MA
Website: LinkedIn


Angelina Schorr is a 4th-year Biomedical Engineering student at Brown University. Her decision to pursue this concentration arose from her love of biology and interest in engineering technology. Since her third semester, Angelina has worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Srivastava Lab. She has developed various skills, including knowledge of biomaterials, mammalian cell culture, hydrogel fabrication, and microscopy. Over the summer of 2022, she held a full-time research position with funding from a merit-based award. This summer, Angelina is working as an MSRP Intern in the Hansen Lab, working on building bidirectional promoter fluorescent expression constructs. At Brown, Angelina works on creating events with younger students in the Providence community related to STEM and engineering through her position as Outreach Director for the Society of Women Engineers. For her senior year at Brown, she is serving as the Events Co-Chair for the club, in which she will be planning events and meetings while still taking part in the Outreach Committee. She is also passionately involved in the Girl Gains Lifting Club as Vice President, which is a club that promotes women’s health, fitness, and weightlifting at Brown.

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