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Andrew West

Andrew West

MIT Department: Media, Arts and Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Danielle Wood
Research Supervisor: Ufuoma Ovienmhada and Yiyun Zhang
Undergraduate Institution: Yale University
Hometown: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Website: LinkedIn


Originally from rural New Mexico, Andrew is a junior at Yale University studying Statistics and Data Science. He is passionate about using quantitative tools, particularly remote sensing, to address environmental and social injustices. He works in the MIT Media Lab’s Space Enabled Group, where he studies environmental hazards in US prisons using satellite imagery. Andrew has spent the last two years in the Yale School of the Environment’s Seto Lab, working to better understand the economic and environmental impacts of urbanization using deep learning models. Andrew is also interested in the societal implications of machine learning and related technologies. He has promoted equitable technology policy as a research intern with the Surveillance Technology Oversight Program (STOP) and as a student fellow with the Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. He hopes to pursue a career in the Tech4Good sphere, using his skills to tackle society’s most pressing concerns.

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