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Adeleke Ambali

Adeleke Ambali

MIT Department: Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Skylar Tibbits
Research Supervisor: Lavender Tessmer
Undergraduate Institution: Tuskegee University
Hometown: Austell, GA
Website: Canva


Adeleke Ambali is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in architecture at Tuskegee University. He plans to begin working with healthcare architecture, transforming these bleak spaces into creative design structures. Adeleke is also the founder and owner of a clothing brand, Flyest Ambitions, which he has continued to develop and scale since 2021. His interests at an early age began with art and fashion, drawing or painting with multiple materials, and observing the artistic vision behind clothing styles. Along with these interests, he enjoys thinking outside the box and creatively designing, two realizations that drew him into architecture. In his community on campus, Adeleke serves as the Event Coordinator of the Service Committee and marketing chair for the AIA chapter at Tuskegee (American Institute of Architecture Students). His involvement in many different roles has equipped him with unique skills that apply to most situations.

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