Fellowship Tips


The purpose of the “Fellowship Tips” pages is to provide information to help you obtain a graduate fellowship. The content was compiled over the last few years from a variety of sources, including:

  • detailed searches for websites containing information and assistance on fellowship application preparation
  • comprehensive peer institution benchmarking
  • webinars
  • information sessions conducted by large fellowship-granting organizations
  • survey data
  • engagement with faculty who serve on fellowship review committees

Scott Tirrell, OGE Director of Graduate Fellowships, also spoke with a large number of departmental administrators and graduate officers about how they promote fellowship opportunities to their students and improve the success rate of MIT students in receiving these awards. These conversations, both formal and informal, feed a large portion of these pages.

Although the following information is not a guarantee of receiving a fellowship (nor is it necessarily applicable to all opportunities), it is a collection of hints and tips that we hope you find helpful.

The “fellowship tips” are divided into the following sections: