External Fellowships

Many outside organizations fund fellowships for graduate students. This page provides a listing of external fellowship opportunities. External fellowships are organized into four categories:

  • OGE Administered: External fellowships administered by the Office of Graduate Education
  • RAS Administered: External fellowships administered by MIT’s Research and Administration Services
  • International: External fellowships specifically for international students
  • Additional External: Additional external fellowship opportunities that OGE is aware of

OGE Administered Fellowships

This section lists external fellowships administered by the Office of Graduate Education; contact Scott Tirrell, Director of Graduate Fellowships for details.

Read each description carefully. See also general guidelines on applying for fellowships, scholarships, and grants. The following symbols are used in the fellowship descriptions:

Citizens US citizens may apply
Permanent residents Permanent residents may apply
Internationals Internationals may apply

Fellowships are ordered according to their deadlines.


Dissertation Fellowship Program
The Spencer Foundation
625 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60611-1803
Telephone 312-337-7000
E-mail fellows@spencer.org

CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals The Dissertation Fellowship Program seeks to encourage a new generation of scholars from a wide range of disciplines and professional fields to undertake research relevant to the improvement of education. These fellowships support individuals whose dissertations show potential for bringing fresh and constructive perspectives to the history, theory, or practice of formal or informal education anywhere in the world. Applicants must be candidates for the doctoral degree in any field of study at a graduate school in the United States, but they need not be US citizens. Dissertation topics must concern education, and all applicants must document that they will have completed all pre-dissertation requirements by June 1, 2018 and must provide a clear and specific plan for completing the dissertation within a one or two-year time frame

Applications are available online.

Deadline: Early October

DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship

CitizensPermanent residentsThe Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE NNSA SSGF) provides excellent financial benefits and professional development opportunities to students pursuing a Ph.D. in fields of study that solve complex science and engineering problems critical to stewardship science. The fellowship builds a community of talented and committed doctoral students, program alumni, DOE laboratory staff and university researchers who share a common goal to further their science while advancing national defense. The friendships and connections fellows make in the program continue to benefit them throughout their careers.

Applications are available online.

National Science Foundation

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
GRF Operations Center
Suite T-50
1818 N. Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
Telephone (866) NSF-GRFP
E-mail info@nsfgradfellows.org

CitizensPermanent residentsFellowships cover a wide variety of disciplines and are awarded for three years. Only US citizens or permanent residents may apply. Applications are available online.

Deadline: Mid-Late October (varies by discipline)
Reference letter deadline: Late October

Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program

Fannie and John Hertz Foundation
P.O. Box 5032
Livermore, CA 94551-5032
Telephone (925) 373-1642

CitizensPermanent residentsEligible applicants for Hertz Fellowships must be students of the applied physical, biological and engineering sciences who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States of America, and who are willing to morally commit to make their skills available to the United States in time of national emergency. College seniors wishing to pursue the Ph.D. degree in any of the fields of particular interest to the Foundation, as well as graduate students already in the process of doing so, may apply. The awards are for one academic year and are renewable. The award includes a stipend plus an allowance for tuition and other expenses.

Application opens: Mid August
Deadline (including references): Late October

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

400 West 59th Street
New York, New York 10019
Telephone 212-547-6926
Fax 212-548-4623
E-mail pdsoros_fellows@sorosny.org

CitizensPermanent residents The purpose of The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans is to provide opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields. Fellowships offer support for up to two years in any academic discipline or professional field, and provide stipend and partial tuition. Applicants must be a senior in a bachelor’s program or a first or second year graduate student, be under 31 years old, and have status as a “New American”: the holder of a Green Card or DACA recipient; a naturalized citizen; or the child of two naturalized citizen parents.

Applications are available online.

Deadline: Early November

National Consortium for Graduate Degrees For Minorities In Engineering and Science, Inc. (GEM)

1430 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax (202) 207-3518

GEM offers financial support for advanced degrees:

  • MS Engineering Fellowship Program
  • PhD Engineering Fellowship Program
  • PhD Science Fellowship Program

CitizensPermanent residentsGEM also provides mentoring workshops, graduate research orientation workshops, summer internships with a sponsoring company, and student development seminars. Level of support varies by fellowship program.

Applications are available online.

Deadline: Mid November

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships

Fellowships Office, Keck 576
National Research Council
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
E-mail infofell@nas.edu

Citizens These fellowships are designed to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

  • Predoctoral fellowships support study toward a PhD or ScD
  • Dissertation fellowships offer support in the final year of writing the PhD or ScD thesis
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships offer one-year awards for PhD recipients

Applicants must be US citizens in research-based fields of study.

Applications are available online.

Dissertation and Postdoctoral Deadline: Early December
Predoctoral Deadline: Mid December

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program (NDSEG)

US Department of Defense, NDSEG Fellowship Program
200 Park Drive, Suite 211
P.O. Box 134444,
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 27709
Telephone (919) 549-8505

CitizensThe NDSEG fellowship of the US Department of Defense is intended for students at or near the beginning of graduate study for doctoral degrees in mathematical, physical, biological and engineering sciences. Open to US citizens only, it is a three-year award with stipend plus full tuition and fees. Send e-mail to ndseg@aro-emhl.army.mil.

Applications available online: Early September
Submission Deadline: December


CitizensThis is an external fellowship.  Each graduate program may submit one nomination and accompanying application materials to the OGE for consideration in the internal MIT competition for the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund Fellowship by January 4, 2021. The OGE will evaluate, select, and submit three applications for nomination to the Liebmann Trust on behalf of MIT.The fields of eligibility include any recognized field of study in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences (including law, medicine, engineering, architecture or other formal professional training).

History: The Will of Dolores Zohrab Liebmann created a perpetual charitable trust designated as “The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund” for the purpose of funding advanced education and graduate study grants, which must be carried out entirely in the United States of America.  Mrs. Liebmann was the daughter of a prominent Armenian intellectual, writer and statesman and was married to one of the owners of a successful American business.  She supported students and educational and charitable organizations during her lifetime.  Mrs. Liebmann’s primary concern, as expressed in her Will, was to attract and support students with outstanding character and ability who hold promise for achievement and distinction in their chosen fields of study.  The trustees welcome applications from students of all national origins who are United States citizens. More information here.


  • Fellowships are available to students who are currently enrolled in and pursuing a graduate degree at a designated institution of higher learning located in the United States of America.
  • The program of study being pursued by the candidate may include any recognized field of study in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences (including law, medicine, engineering, architecture or other formal professional training).
  • The candidate must demonstrate a need for financial assistance. 
  • The candidate must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • The candidate may be of any national descent or background.


The amount of each Fellowship will cover the cost of tuition and a stipend of $18,000 to be allocated towards room, board, living expenses and income taxes.

Internal Application Requirements:

  • Zohrab Liebmann Fund Fellowship application
  • C.V.
  • Unofficial graduate transcript or Websis grade report
  • A Statement of Purpose (up to 3 pages, double spaced) which considers the relationship between the student’s graduate studies and intended personal and/or professional goals. Statement of purpose must include a 10-15 line abstract at the top (included in page limit) that explains (in layman’s terms) the student’s degree program, giving emphasis to its eventual intellectual impact on the field of study.
  • Letters of recommendation from two (2) professors who have taught or worked closely with the student

Please note that selected candidates will need to provide additional materials for the full application.Selected candidates will also have the option of providing additional faculty letters of recommendation.

OGE Internal Competition Deadline: January  4, 2021

Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration

Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship
1609 Golden Aspen Dr., Suite 101
Ames, IA 50010
Telephone (515) 956-3696
Fax (515) 956-3699
E-mail ssgf@krellinst.org

CitizensPermanent residentsFellowship supports graduate students planning full-time study for a PhD in areas of interest to stewartship science areas such as high-energy density physics, low-energy nuclear science, or properties of materials under extreme conditions. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent resident aliens. Benefits include yearly stipend, payment of all tuition and required fees for up to 4 years of study at any US university, and a yearly academic allowance for professional development.

Applications open: Late October.
Deadline: Early January

Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program

DOE CSGF Program Coordinator
1609 Golden Aspen Drive, Suite 101
Ames, IA 50010
Telephone (515) 956-3696
Fax (515) 956-3699
E-mail csgf@krellinst.org

CitizensPermanent residentsThis fellowship is for exceptional undergraduate seniors or first or second year graduate students planning full-time study toward a PhD in the physical, engineering, computer, mathematical, or life sciences with emphasis in high performance computing. Recipients receive full tuition and required fees for up to 4 years of study, a yearly stipend, matching funds for a computer workstation, yearly academic allowance, yearly conferences, and opportunity to complete a practicum at a national DOE laboratory. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent resident aliens.

Applications available online: Late October
Deadline: Mid January

Josephine de Karman Fellowship

Fellowship Committee
Judy McClain, Secretary
Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust
P.O. Box 3389
San Dimas, CA 91773
Telephone (909) 592-0607

CitizensPermanent residentsInternationalsFellowships are available to students in any discipline entering their senior undergraduate year, or to any candidate for a PhD who has completed all requirements for that degree by January 31. Post doctoral students are not eligible for consideration. International students may apply if they are already enrolled in a university located in the United States and if they will be in the United States by July preceding the fall semester of the academic year for which they have enrolled. Grants include a stipend; they are for one academic year and may not be renewed or postponed.

Applications are available online; completed applications include transcripts of the applicant’s scholarship records and two letters of recommendation.

Deadline: Late January

RAS Administered

This section lists external fellowships administered by MIT’s Research and Administration Services.

Read each description carefully. See also the RAS site for more information, as well as the page on general guidelines on applying for fellowships, scholarships, and grants.  The following symbols are used in the fellowship descriptions:

Citizens US citizens may apply
Permanent residents Permanent residents may apply
Internationals Internationals may apply

Fellowships are ordered alphabetically.

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships

CitizensNASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) program: A program that supports graduate students in basic and applied research in Earth science and space science. Awards of $45,000 per year are made for up to three years. More information and application instructions can be found at this page by searching for NESSF. This opportunity is typically posted in early November and proposals are due in early February.

Deadline: Rolling

CitizensPermanent residentsNASA Space Technology Research Fellowships (NSTRF): U.S. citizen or permanent resident students that have applied to, have been admitted to, or are already enrolled in, a full-time Master’s or Doctoral degree program at accredited U.S. universities are eligible to apply. More information and application instructions can be found at this page by searching for NSTRF. This opportunity is typically posted in early September, Phase A Proposals are due in early November, and Phase B Proposals are due in May.

Deadline: Rolling

National Institute of Health (NIH) Individual Fellowships

CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals The NIH provides individual research training opportunities to undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral students. U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and international students are generally eligible to apply (although eligibility guidelines can vary by fellowship). More information and application instructions can be found on the RAS site. There are generally three application cycles per year. Deadlines vary, but typically fall in late January (Cycle I), late May (Cycle II), and late September (Cycle III).

Deadline: Varies

International Fellowships

This section lists some financial resources outside MIT that are specifically geared toward international students. Further opportunities may be found on the International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search site. International students may also contact the Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy in the capitol city of their home country. The Embassy may have an Educational Advisor on staff who can provide information to students who are searching for funding resources to help finance their academic programs in the US.

The following symbols are used in the fellowship descriptions:

Citizens US citizens may apply
Permanent residents Permanent residents may apply
Internationals Internationals may apply

Fellowships are ordered alphabetically.

American Association of University Women International Fellowships

AAUW Educational Foundation
International Fellowships
Dept. 60
301 ACT Drive
Iowa City, IA 52243-4030
Telephone (319) 337-1716, ext. 60
E-mail aauw@act.org

Internationals International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not United States citizens or permanent residents. Both graduate and postgraduate study at accredited institutions are supported. Several fellowships are available for study outside of the U.S.

Deadline: Mid November

American Scandinavian Foundation

The American – Scandinavian Foundation
at Scandinavia House
58 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10016
Telephone 212-779-3587
E-mail info@amscan.org

Internationals Funding to Scandinavians (citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden) to undertake study or research programs (usually at the graduate level) in the US for up to one year. Awards are made in all fields.

Deadline: Varies

Asian Cultural Council

Asian Cultural Council
6 West 48th Street, 12th Floor
New York, New York, 10036-1802
Telephone (212) 843-0403
Fax (212) 843-0343
E-mail acc@accny.org

Internationals Individual fellowship grants to artists, scholars, students, and specialists from Asia for study, research, travel and creative work in the United States.

Deadline: Early December

Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc.

195 Church St.
New Haven, CT 06510
Telephone (203) 777-5765

Internationals The fellowship is an outright non-renewable grant of up to $45,000. The stipend of $15,000 is to cover living and travel expenses. In addition, the Foundation pays up to $30,000 for tuition and health insurance at a US university. Fellows are expected to stay in the US for a full academic year (nine months). Students who have means of their own to finance their studies in the US may apply for an Honorary Fellowship of the Foundation. Applicant must be Belgian citizen; submit an application not earlier than in the last year of an academic master’s program or second cycle of university studies and not later than four years after obtaining that degree. The academic master’s degree must be obtained from a Belgian institution recognized as a university by either the “Vlaams Ministerie van Onderwijs en Vorming” or the “Administration Générale de l’Enseignement et de la Recherche Scientifique”; have an outstanding academic record;
have a good command of the English language.

Deadline: Late October (for the following academic year)

Brazil fellowship program

InternationalsThe Brazil Fellowship Program at MIT is a collaboration between the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, a public foundation linked to the Government of Brazil’s Ministry of Science and Technology (“CNPq”) and MIT in connection with graduate student training relative to the Brazilian Government’s Science Without Borders program. The purpose of the Collaboration is for CNPq to provide financial assistance to MIT regular enrolled graduate students who are in pursuit of an MIT doctoral degree within the MIT School of Science or the MIT School of Engineering.

Incoming students who are accepted for admission to an MIT graduate program in the School of Science or School of Engineering, and who are citizens of Brazil.

CNPq will provide and make available to each CNPq Fellow, funding which is sufficient to cover: (i) a partial stipend; (ii) tuition support; (iii) an international round-trip airfare; and (iv) appropriate MIT student fees.

CNPq shall provide full support to CNPq Fellows for four academic years (each academic year being twelve months in duration) commencing with the first year of their matriculation at MIT.  At its discretion, MIT may provide additional financial support during or after this four year period. Such additional financial support may include a combination of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships. CNPq may accept up to fifty applicants each year for the Program.

How to Apply
Applications to participate in the Program and receive financial assistance shall be submitted directly to CNPq by students accepted for admission.

For more details, please visit the CNPq website.

China scholarship council graduate fellowship program

InternationalsThe China Scholarship Council (CSC) Graduate Fellowship is for incoming 1st year graduate students who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China and who are in pursuit of an MIT terminal master’s degree (in a 2-year program) or doctoral degree.

Applications to participate in the CSC Fellowship Program should be submitted by candidates directly to the CSC. The scholarships provide funding which covers: (i) a  stipend; (ii) tuition support (iii) international round-trip airfare; and (iv) appropriate fees. Please note that student health insurance and the student life fee are not covered. For CSC Fellows who are pursuing a terminal master’s degree in a 2-year program, the CSC Funding Period shall be one year (12 months) of full support. For CSC Fellows who are pursuing a doctoral-track degree, the CSC Funding Period shall be two years (24 months) of full support.

Applicants should be aware that the CSC fellowship has a return residency requirement upon condition of accepting the fellowship. Full details on eligibility requirements and application instructions may be found on the CSC website.

After receiving an offer letter from MIT, incoming students accepted to a graduate program for academic year 2016-2017 may apply to receive CSC funds under the fellowship program by completing an application on CSC’s online application system. Applicants must include his or her Chinese home institution’s reference (forms are available here). The window to begin the online application process is Mid March to Early April. The full application package (including signed CSC Application Form, the Chinese home institution’s reference letter, a copy of an offer letter from MIT, a copy of the full application to MIT) must be submitted to CSC through CSC’s application agencies by Early April.

CSC will evaluate the candidates in April and May, and inform the awardees in early June.

Funding Disbursement: Beginning September

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Yingzhen Wang, Project Officer
Division of American & Oceanian Affairs, China Scholarship Council
Tel:  0086-10-6609 3916
Fax: 0086-10-6609 3945
e-mail:  yzwang@csc.edu.cn
Level 13, Building A3, No. 9 Chegongzhuang Avenue
Beijing 100044, P.R.CHINA

Echoing Green Fellowship

CitizensPermanent residentsInternationalsEchoing Green’s world-renowned two-year Fellowship program provides more than $2 million in seed funding to a diverse group of the world’s most promising social entrepreneurs. From thousands of applicants, typically fewer than one percent are ultimately selected as Echoing Green Fellows. Those selected receive funding to help launch new organizations; access to Echoing Green’s robust network; leadership development opportunities; and one-to-one support and counseling. Our Alumni Program builds community among our 500+ Fellows dating back to 1987 in order to foster peer learning, shared access to useful resources, and a lifetime commitment to positive social change.

•    A stipend of $80,000 for individuals (or $90,000 for 2-person partnerships) paid in four equal installments over two years
•    A health insurance stipend
•    A yearly professional development stipend
•    Conferences led by organizational development experts
•    Access to technical support and pro bono partnerships to help grow your organization
•    A community of like-minded social entrepreneurs and public service leaders, including the Echoing Green network of nearly 500 alumni working all over the world

•    Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
•    Applicants must have sufficient English fluency to participate in interviews and Echoing Green events.
•    Organization must be the original idea of the applicant.
•    Organization must be in a start-up phase. To be considered a start-up, the organization may have been in operation for up to two years, and Echoing Green’s financial support should qualify it as significant early funder. Applicants who have only worked on their organization on a part-time basis or have yet to start the organization are generally considered eligible.
•    Organization must be independent and autonomous. Organizations cannot be considered independent or autonomous if they are started under the direction of an existing organization. The applicant must be the primary decision maker for the organization’s development and management. Generally, organizations with fiscal sponsors are still considered autonomous.
•    Applicants must make a full-time commitment (minimum 35 hours per week) to the organization’s development for the duration of the two-year fellowship. It is expected that all selected fellows resign from their current employment to dedicate themselves full-time to their initiatives. Students will not be eligible for their fellowship stipend if their organization is put on hold due to conflicts with their studies.
•    Partnerships (organizations co-founded and led by two individuals) may apply. Both partners must meet all eligibility requirements and make a full-time commitment of no fewer than 35 hours per week to the development of the organization.
•    Applicants can be citizens of any nationality and their organizations can be based in any country. However applicants based in the US must have legal status to work in the US. If you are authorized to work in the US, but this status is granted to you through your current employer and you are only authorized to work for that employer, you are not eligible to apply for a US-based proposal.
•    Applicants must commit to attending Echoing Green’s training conferences if selected as fellows. All new fellows attend a conference in summer the year they are selected, as well as a winter conference for two years. Echoing Green covers all expenses related to these events and will announce the dates a few months prior to each conference.

Note: Organizations may be for-profit or non-profit.

The following proposals are not eligible for consideration for an Echoing Green Fellowship:

•    Expansion of an existing organization that is past its start-up phase
•    Research projects
•    Lobbying activities
•    Faith-based initiatives (In this context, faith-based implies that you are associated with a religious institution or are promoting a specific faith; if your work has a spiritual basis but is not tied to any specific religion or faith, you may be eligible for consideration)
•    Recipients of prior Echoing Green funding

For more information on this opportunity, please see the Echoing Green website.

Fulbright Program for Non-US Students

Institute of International Education
Contact differs based on country of applicant

Internationals The Fulbright Foreign Student Program brings citizens of other countries to the United States for master’s degree or PhD study at US universities or other appropriate institutions. The program has brought some of the world’s finest minds to US campuses and offers program participants insight into US society and values. Students must apply through the offices in their home country; see website for more information.

Deadline: Various deadlines

Iraqi Scholarship Initiative

Prime Minister’s Office
Baghdad, Iraq
E-mail info@hcediraq.org

Internationals An effort by the government of Iraq, under the direction of the executive director Dr. Zuhair Humadi of the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED), to improve the situation of higher education in Iraq as well as to bring a new generation of thought and experience to the country. In order to achieve this goal, recipients of the scholarship will return to Iraq after receiving their degrees. Once the students have received the scholarship, they will apply to the universities which have agreed to accept students from the program.

See also more information here and here.

Kennedy Scholarships

Kennedy Memorial Trust
3 Birdcage Walk
London SW1H 9JJ
+44 (0) 20 7222 1151
E-mail annie@kennedytrust.org.uk

Internationals Part of the UK’s memorial to President John F Kennedy, Kennedy Scholarships are awarded annually in competition to British citizens for postgraduate study at MIT (& Harvard). British applicants to all postgraduate programs, including PhDs, are encouraged to apply. The award comprises full tuition fees and health insurance, a generous stipend, an extra grant for travel within the USA and a return flight to the UK, made for one year renewable under certain circumstances.

Deadline: Late October

Lemann Education Fellowship

Internationals A generous gift from the Lemann Foundation supports the Lemann Education Fellowships at MIT. Every year, 9-month fellowships are awarded to outstanding incoming or continuing MIT graduate students to further their studies at MIT in education, educational technology and innovation, educational policy and reform, and related areas. The value of the fellowship is up to $65,000 depending on the needs of the student (in most cases the majority of the fellowship should be applied towards tuition).

For Masters students: the Lemann Education Fellowship provides support for Master students intending to study topics relevant to advancing public education in Brazil. Applicants must be citizens of Brazil. Master students in any discipline at MIT may apply.

  • Incoming students must first apply and be admitted to their program of choice at MIT. Admission to MIT does not guarantee a fellowship award.
  • Once admitted at MIT, then students submit directly a further application for a Lemann Fellowship.
  • Recipients are expected to return to Brazil to contribute to educational development following completion of their degree.

For advanced Masters and PhD Candidates: the Lemann Fellowship for Education Research provides support for thesis research for either one or two semesters with preference given to proposals that involve more field research in Brazil. Graduate students from all schools and disciplines are eligible subject to the following priorities:

  • Preference will be given to applicants from Brazil, and then to applicants from any country working on issues relevant to advancing education in Brazil.
  • Preference will be given to masters students, then doctoral students.

Incoming students must first apply and be admitted to their program of choice at MIT. Once admitted at MIT,  students then submit a further application for a Lemann Fellowship.

Program guidelines can be found here: Lemann Application Guidelines 2020-2021

Applications are available here: Application Form 2020-2021

Applications are due in April 1st, by 5:00 pm via email to mit-brazil@mit.edu.

For more information, please contact Rosabelli Coelho-Keyssar, Managing Director, MIT Brazil at RLCK@mit.edu.

Margaret McNamara Education Grants

Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG)
1818 H Street NW, MSN J2-202
Washington DC 20433

E-mail mmeg@worldbank.org

Internationals To support the education of women from developing coutries who are committed to improving the lives of women and children in a developing country. For students from developing countries, age 25+, who are currently studying at an accredited university in the United States or Canada. MMEG awards annually ten grants of approximately $15,000 each; grants are not renewable.

Deadline: Mid January

P.E.O International Peace Scholarship

P.E.O. Executive Office
3700 Grand Avenue
DesMoines, Iowa 50312-2899
Telephone (515) 255-3153
Fax (515) 255-3820
E-mail ips@peodesmoines.org

Internationals Applicant must be a non-US or Canadian citizen who is a woman working towards a graduate degree (full-time) at a college or university of her choice in the US or Canada. Applicant must submit a witnessed statement that upon completion of her degree program, she will return immediately to her own country to pursue her professional career.

Deadline: Mail eligibility form between Mid August and Mid December. If eligibility is established, application material will be mailed from the IPS. Application materials due Early March.

Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships

InternationalsThis fellowship is for women academics in science and engineering from developing and emerging countries for their advanced graduate study at top universities abroad.

For more information, visit the Faculty for the Future site.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation WorldWideStudies (WWS) Scholarships

Reception of Thomas Weihe, Deputy Head of the Board, International Affairs
42-44, Shovkovychna Str.,
01601, Kyiv, Ukraine
Telephone +380 44 490 48 35
Fax +380 44 490 48 78
E-mail info@pinchukfund.org

Internationals Up to 30 scholarships will be awarded to students who start their Master’s program at a leading international university in the fall of 2010. WWS supports Ukrainian citizens no older than 35 who wish to pursue a Master’s Degree at one of the world’s best universities. Scholarships are awarded in the following areas where well educated young leaders are crucial to boost the future development of Ukraine agriculture, environment and ecology, law, and public administration. Applicants in the different fields of study might be considered as well, if no applications are submitted in the 4 priority areas. Grants shall be used primarily to cover university tuition, books and medical insurance. The amount is determined for each individual case based on needs and merit. On average, grants shall cover up to 60% of the total amount required (maximum $ 50,000 for 1-2 years of studies).

Deadline: Mid November

Young Future Energy Leaders 

InternationalsThe Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) is a key element of the annual World Future Energy Summit (WFES). YFEL focuses on raising the awareness of students and young professionals in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability. This unique program, led by Masdar Institute, helps mentor future leaders in the fields of advanced energy and sustainability by engaging them with the leaders of today. YFEL also offers young professionals and students from the UAE and abroad the opportunity to become more engaged in finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges: energy efficiency and climate change.

As a key element of the annual World Future Energy Summit held in Abu Dhabi each January, some of the world’s brightest students and young professionals engage in debates and discussions about the future of energy and seek sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Entry into the program is selective and highly competitive. Prospective candidates, from the UAE and around the world, need to demonstrate not only interest in future energy and sustainable development- but the talent to make real and ongoing contributions at the highest level.

Tomorrow, enabled by fresh insights and new connections, our Young Energy Leaders will go on to become world leaders.

Learn more about this opportunity here.

Additional External Fellowships

The following links offer other areas to explore, organized by discipline. These fellowships and resources are not administered by the Office of Graduate Education.

The following symbols are used in the fellowship descriptions:

Citizens US citizens may apply
Permanent residents Permanent residents may apply
Internationals Internationals may apply

Architecture, Planning & Design

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Grants & Fellowships Citizens
America Planning Association fellowships & scholarships Citizens
American Society of Landscape Architects CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Arts & Cultural Development Program of New South Wales CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Career and internship resources from MIT Department of Urban Studies + Planning (DUSP) CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Center for Architecture Grants & Scholarships Citizens
Craft Research Fund Grants CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Financial aid information from MIT Architecture CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
GCA Scholarships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Gensler Scholarships
CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship for the fields of art, architecture, dance, landscape architecture, music, theatre, and urban and regional planning CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Landscape Architecture Foundation Minority Scholarship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
MOA Architectural Scholarship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
National Endowment for the Arts – GRANTS FOR ARTS PROJECTS Citizens
National Organization of Minority Architects Citizens
Society for Architectural Historians Fellowships & Grants
SOM Foundation Awards Citizens
Worldstudio AIGA scholarship Citizens
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architectural Scholarship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals

Science & Engineering

ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational and Data Science Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Alzheimer’s Association Research Grants Citizens
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation – funding opportunities for researchers, clinicians, and postdoctoral fellows working in academia and biotechnology companies Citizens
Amelia Earhart Fellowships  (Zonta International Foundation) for women of any nationality, in science or engineering CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
American Academy of Neurology Citizens
American Federation for Aging Research fellowships and research grants Citizens
American Psychological Association Predoctoral or postdoctoral Fellowship in mental health and Substance abuse services (MHSAS) Citizens
DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship Citizens
Engineer Girl scholarship listing Citizens
Engineering Scholarships for Women
Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Citizens
IBM PhD Fellowships  requires faculty nominationCitizens
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Citizens
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Scholar Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) Fellows Program
CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s Internship Challenge CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Technology Research Fellowships Citizens
National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nonproliferation Graduate Fellowship Program Citizens
National Research Council of the National Academies – Research Associateship Programs Citizens
NIH Fogarty International Center funding opportunities for research in global health Citizens
PhRMA Foundation Awards & Fellowships Citizens
Semiconductor Research Corporation Citizens
Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Defense Education Program Citizens
Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Society for Women Engineers Scholarship Directory Citizens
Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship Citizens
STEM Opportunities for Graduate Students

Environment & Energy

DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship Citizens
Evette Harless Scholarship Citizens
Grant A. Harris Research Instrumentation Fellowship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
IBM PhD Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award
CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Link Foundation Energy Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
MIT Energy Fellows CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
MIT Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nonproliferation Graduate Fellowship Program Citizens
National Research Council of the National Academies – Research Associateship Programs Citizens
New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) summer internships Citizens
Nuclear Energy Institute Federal Scholarship & Grants Citizens
Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship Program Citizens
Switzer Foundation Fellowship Citizens
US Department of Energy Scholars Program Citizens


ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies) Program in China Studies offers pre-dissertation summer travel grants CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Allen Lee Hughes Fellowships
for people of color in professional theater Citizens
American Psychological Association (APA) Scholarships and Fellowships Citizens
Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) Program Citizens
East-West Center in Washington’s Asia Studies Fellowship Citizens
Humane Studies Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Humanity in Action Fellowships Citizens
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources Citizens
Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) CitizensPermanent residentsInternationalsNational Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals

Rachel Tanur Prize for Visual Sociology Citizens
Robateau-Epps Scholarship Fund for social reconstruction Citizens
Social Science Research Council Fellowships & Prizes Citizens

Public / Social / Environmental / Science Policy Research

Association to Unite the Democracies for work relating to international integration and/or federalism Citizens

Advancing Earth and Space ScienceCitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
California Science and Technology Policy Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
East-West Center in Washington’s Asia Studies Fellowship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship Citizens

Environmental Research and Education FoundationCitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Davis-Putter Scholarships for those actively working for peace and justice Citizens
Junior Fellows Program at the Carnegie Endowment Citizens
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
New York State Senate Graduate/Post-Graduate/Mid-Career Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Schwarzman Scholarship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals


AAUW American Fellowships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Amelia Earhart Fellowships (Zonta International Foundation) for women of any nationality, in science or engineering CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Engineering Scholarships for Women Citizens
Engineer Girl scholarship listing Citizens
Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
L’Oréal USA Fellowships For Women In Science CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals

Nitro College Ultimate Guide to STEM ScholarshipsCitizensPermanent residentsInternationals

ProFellow Fellowships for Women Leaders, Scholars, Scientists, and StudentsCitizensPermanent residentsInternationals

Underrepresented Minorities

25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel Citizens
Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Affordable Colleges Online Citizens
American Geological Institute Minority Geo-Science Citizens
American Political Science Association Fellowships Citizens
Best Colleges Scholarships for African American Students Citizens
College Fund/UNCF Citizens
Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs Citizens
Gates Millenium Scholarships Citizens
Humanity In Action Fellowship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
P.E.O. Scholar Awards for US or Canadian women doctoral students or postdocs CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
State Farm Insurance Hispanic Scholarships Citizens
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Citizens
University of California / University of Michigan President’s and Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
William Randolph Hearst’s Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students Citizens


Accounting Scholarships Citizens
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Educational Foundation Citizens
Bloorview Research Institute Pursuit Award in Childhood Disability CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Byron Hanke Fellowship for research on community associations CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Josephine de Karman Fellowship CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship Citizens
Hazing Awareness Scholarship Citizens
Hydro Research Foundation Fellowship Citizens
Houtan Scholarship for students studying Iranian culture, heritage and language CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
IIE Confucius China Studies Program provides funding to U.S.-based students who wish to pursue doctoral research in China CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Institute for Humane Studies Summer Graduate Research Fellowships for Law or PhD students with demonstrated research interest that is rooted in the tradition of individual and economic freedoms CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program funds state-of-the-art research in disciplines relevant to the Intelligence Community Citizens
Inter-American Foundation (IAF) Grassroots Development Fellowship Program grassroots development issues in the Caribbean or Latin America CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Leopold Schepp Foundation Grants Citizens
National Collegiate Athletic Association Graduate Student Research Grant Program CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Presidential Management Fellows Program Citizens
Social Security Administration Small Grants to improve the disability process through innovative research on topics such as the Compassionate Allowances program, Wounded Warriors initiative, homelessness and SSI, and disability enrollment issues Citizens
Student Inventors Scholarships CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Tylenol Scholarships annual scholarships awarded to well deserving students pursuing careers in healthcare CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Educational Foundation Available to US students studying abroad and/or foreign studying within the US CitizensPermanent residentsInternationals

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