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OGE Fellowships

Generous donors have provided MIT with permanent funds in support of fellowships, many of which have unique restrictions.

The Office of Graduate Education administers a number of these endowed fellowships through an annual competition in March. All nominations (both for new awards and for renewal requests) must be submitted by the departmental graduate office on behalf of the student. Students who qualify for one of the fellowships should contact their graduate administrator in order to be considered for nomination.

The following symbols are used in the fellowship descriptions:

US Citizens Eligible

U.S. citizens are eligible

Permanent residents are eligible

Internationals are eligible

OGE fellowships: Nominations due March 12

Nominations for the following fellowships will open in January 2024. Departments will have their own internal deadlines in order to satisfy the OGE deadline of March 12, 2024. Awards will be decided by late April, with the exception of the Hugh Hampton Young Memorial Fund Fellowship. Finalists for the Hugh Hampton Young will be chosen by mid-late April; those finalists will then be interviewed, with final awards to be decided in early May.

The department, as the nominator, will be notified first of all decisions. Students will receive confirmation of any award via letter by May 1; prior to that date, they may contact their department for updates.

Fellowships take effect the following September, except for those offering summer support. Students who are chosen for fellowship renewal should please note that any stipend increases take effect in September.

How to nominate or renew (click to open)

With the exception of the Ida M. Green Fellowship and the Endowed Fellowships of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the OGE accepts only one nomination per department for each award. Graduate administrators may contact the OGE Fellowships staff for a link to the nomination form or with questions about submitting nominations to the Office of Graduate Education.

Although these fellowships value strong academic and research prowess, the OGE is also very interested in each applicant’s community involvement at MIT (or prior institutions if an entering student). Please note the addition of an essay below asking students to elaborate on their community involvement (except for the Ida M. Green Fellowship).

Nomination packets include the following for each new candidate:

  • A completed copy of the nomination form, preferably with an endorsement from the Department Head
  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A transcript (for currently enrolled students, unofficial transcript or grade report is fine)
  • A brief (1-2 page) research summary written for a general audience from the student, or, for first-year students, a copy of the nominee’s “statement of objectives” from his or her application for admission
  • A brief (1-2 page) summary of current or past community involvement. The OGE highly values positive impact on the MIT community. Please explain past or current community involvement on MIT’s campus (or prior campuses if you are an incoming student) and how you feel this involvement has benefited the community (except for the Ida M. Green Fellowship)
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from MIT faculty (for currently enrolled students) or from the applicant’s admissions folder (if entering)

Renewal candidates will be considered alongside new candidates for funding requests.

Note: If the department chooses to nominate a current fellow for renewal of a fellowship, then it may not also nominate a new student.

Requests for a renewal should include the following:

  • A copy of the nomination form as the cover page (available from the graduate administrator)
  • An updated CV
  • A current unofficial transcript or grade report
  • A brief (1-2 pages) update on progress and how the fellowship has benefited you in the prior year
  • A renewal request from the student’s advisor, indicating that the student is in good standing, a brief description of progress, and anticipated date of degree

A complete listing of these competitive fellowships follows. Please note that fellowship stipend amounts for 2024-2025 may change once Institute RA/TA salaries have been set for FY2025.

Last updated January 24, 2024

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Angela Leong Fellowship Fund 2024-2025

Number of Awards: 3
Field: Unrestricted
Amount: Standard tuition, student health insurance, student life fee, and standard stipend
Tenure: Nine months, not renewable


Preference will be given in the following sequence:

  1. Students from Macau
  2. Students from Hong Kong
  3. Students from Mainland China

Internationals are eligible