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Saumyaa Gupta

Saumyaa Gupta

MIT Department: Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Noah Nathan
Research Supervisor: Elizabeth Parker-Magyar
Undergraduate Institution: Beloit College
Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Website: LinkedIn


Saumyaa is a senior at Beloit College, Wisconsin, majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Passionate about conflict and human rights violations in the Middle East and North Africa, she excels in research, analysis, leadership, writing, and communication. Recently, Saumyaa was awarded the Weissberg Human Rights Fellowship, enabling her to complete a transformative semester abroad in Jordan and Turkey. Her dedication to international affairs and her desire to understand the complex dynamics of politics in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia drive her academic pursuits. With a strong skill set and immersive experiences, she aims to contribute to the global discourse on democratization, conflict resolution, and human rights protection. As she nears the completion of her undergraduate studies, Saumyaa looks forward to a career promoting peace, social justice, and human rights on a global scale.

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