Khalil Ramadi




MIT Department: Health Sciences and Technology

Status: PhD Student



I’m a PhD student in the Health Sciences and Technology division at MIT and Harvard Medical school, studying Medical Engineering and Medical Physics. My research is focused on developing implantable devices for chronic neural drug delivery. As an undergrad, I worked on microfluidic devices for isolation of cancer cells from fluid samples. I have a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering from the Pennsylvania State University. My aspiration is to run my own lab one day, looking into interesting ways to solve healthcare problems using engineering. To this end, I’m also involved with MIT Hacking Medicine, a student group dedicated to enhancing the creation of novel solutions to pressing healthcare problems across the world. When not in lab, I enjoy dancing (latin and otherwise) and sailing. Lucky for me, the weather during the summer allows for both of those things!