Manuel La Torre-Poueymirou

MIT Department: Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
5 Minute Lightning Talks: Dry Double-Sided Tape for Adhesion of Wet Tissues and Devices
Website: LinkedIn

Born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’m an undergraduate student from the University of Puerto Rico‚ Rio Piedras Campus, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology along with additional studies in Electronics Engineering. My research experience goes from Ecology, Biophysics, Cellular, and Molecular Biology to Electrophysiology. Currently, I have dedicated my last two years of my bachelor’s degree to performing research in electrochemistry, for the development of economically accessible medical devices for early-stage cancer detection through electrode platforms. My research interests are strongly related to the field of medical device development in soft tissue-like electronics. I also have great interests in the performance of interdisciplinary research. I am committed to pursuing an MD-PhD seeking to break the existing barriers in the interfaces between humans and machines. I enjoy reading, swimming, running, designing, playing the mandolin, and especially meeting new people. I also like to review movies on the internet!