Barak Davidi

MIT Department: Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: Fairfield University
5 Minute Lightning Talk: Literture Review of Flame Synthesized Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Website: LinkedIn

I am a Physics Major, Mathematics Minor with an interest in a career in medicine. I have a passion for Biophysics, the interface between biology and the physics. I’ve surveyed the STEM fields through research in psychology, ecology, neurology, epidemiology, interventional oncology, and nanoengineering. I’ve gained clinical exposure through volunteering, shadowing, observing intracranial operations, and assisting in animal research. I find research empowering. It is the formalized and systemic embodiment of curiosity, the asking and answering of questions. I plan on continuing such scientific exploration throughout my academic and professional years. I aim to attend a MD-PhD program, and my career goal is to be a physician-scientist.