Reehan Siraj

MIT Department: Nuclear Science and Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Nuno Loureiro
Research Supervisor: Noah Mandell
Undergraduate Institution: College of William and Mary
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Website: LinkedIn

I am a rising senior studying physics William & Mary. I also enjoy taking math and computer science courses. At my undergraduate institution, I work in a research group where I computationally study plasma physics. When I complete my undergraduate education, I plan to pursue a PhD in Physics, Nuclear Engineering, or a related field, where I intend to do computational and theoretical research studying plasmas. Afterwards, I hope to remain in academia and help build the next generation of scientists and researchers. I would love to be able to help lower the barriers to entry that many marginalized people face when pursuing a career in scientific research. Outside of academics, I enjoy listening to and playing music, spending time with my loved ones, meeting new people, and learning about new topics.