Noah Okada

MIT Department: Health Sciences and Technology
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Mercedes Balcells-Camps
Research Supervisor: Gemma Molins
Undergraduate Institution: Emory University
Hometown: Sakai, Osaka, Japan
Website: LinkedIn

I was born in Osaka, Japan, and have since spent my life living in many cities across both Japan and the United States. I currently attend Emory University, where I am double majoring in neuroscience and computer science. I have a keen interest in the interdisciplinary approach to understanding memory, cognition, and computation. I am particularly interested in how extended reality technologies can be partnered with artificial intelligence to develop memory and learning paradigms that challenge our understanding of neuropsychological disorders. I plan to pursue a career in neuropsychology where I hope to conduct research at the intersection of computation and cognition. My hobbies include cycling, wrestling, dancing, and 3D design.