Mariam Alaverdian

MIT Department: Operations Research
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Robert Freund
Undergraduate Institution: Yale University
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA (originally from Yerevan, Armenia and Moscow, Russia)
Website: LinkedIn

Born in Moscow, Russia, I also had the opportunity to live in Yerevan, Armenia for a period of time. About 4 years ago, I immigrated to the United States, where I found my home away from home in Los Angeles, California. Living in three different countries, I had to learn new language and accustom to new traditions each time. However, one thing was always the same and never changed, and that one thing was Mathematics. While Mathematics has been my favorite subject since a very young age, my fascination grew even bigger when I realized that it is indeed a universal language and is applicable in any field.
Here in the U.S., I went to high school for a year and a half, completing my K-12 education with straight A-s and started my college journey at Los Angeles City College (LACC) as a President’s Scholar. I graduated LACC with six associate’s degrees, including degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Business Administration, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences and etc., and had the opportunity to be involved in college activities, including student advocacy at a national level, being the President of the Mathematics Club that ranked #1 nationwide in the AMATYC competition during my presidency, and many more activities and student jobs on campus.
After graduating LACC, I transferred to Yale University as a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar and a full-ride scholarship from Yale. So far, I had the opportunity to apply my mathematical knowledge in research projects in the field of engineering, finance, data analysis, machine learning, building knowledge graphs, and etc, at institutions such as NASA, LACC, California State University, Fullerton, UCLA, and now MIT. I am planning on to continue my education beyond a bachelor’s degree, pursuing a PhD and, hopefully one day, establishing a magnet school promoting the success of students who come from underrepresented communities.
During my free time, I enjoy hiking and running while listening to an audiobook, designing floral arrangements, and watching detective TV-shows.