Manuel Torregrosa

MIT Department: Media Arts and Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Danielle Wood
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
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Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am an undergraduate student from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, majoring in Environmental Design in the School on Architecture. My undergraduate research is on queer space theory, public housing, and architecture documentation, concentrated in a particular case study of a queer space within public housing in Puerto Rico. I also have a great interest in the fields of industrial design and graphic design. I am committed to pursuing a Master in Architecture and later a Ph.D. in Architecture. I enjoy drawing, painting, playing guitar, swimming, and surfing in my spare time.


2021 Abstract

Systems Architecture Analysis for Innovation Dynamics of Emerging Co-Creation Practices

Manuel E. Torregrosa Cueto1, Katlyn Turner2 and Danielle Wood2
2Department of Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The process for creating technology directly shapes who benefits from a technology and how it impacts societal disparities along characteristics such as gender, race, class, national origin, and sexuality. The proposed project creates new knowledge and evaluation methods to understand specific emerging innovation trends, while considering geographic effects. Specifically, this project describes the emerging innovation activities known as Co-Creation practices. It evaluates how these practices may impact the extent to which historically marginalized groups participate in innovation and experience beneficial outcomes in the context of several urban centers. The author’s contribution to this research is concentrated on assessing various case studies from sustainable energy and robotics organizations from the Boston area: MassRobotics, Greentown Labs, and UMass Lowell NERVE Center. Systems Architecture analysis is used to understand the systems contexts, objectives, stakeholders, and relationships of these organizations. This analytical process is a qualitative documentation derived from public information (web-based and social media platforms). Conceptual models are produced from this data to illustrate these systems connections. This inductive process will provide a preliminary insight into each case study and guide the subsequent phase of approaching the organizations for interview.