Maida Raza

MIT Department: D-lab, Linguistics, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Sally Haslanger
Undergraduate Institution: Earlham College
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

My name is Maida Raza, and I hail from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a rising Senior at Earlham College, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Economics and Mathematics. I have been interested in the issues of gender justice for as long as I can recall. I am specifically interested in how religious, political, and economic institutions impact women’s social life participation in Pakistan. And whether patriarchy thrives in economically dysfunctional institutions. I hope to ponder deeply on these questions as an economics PhD student.

In my free time, I enjoy reading newspaper and cookbooks, watching sci-fi and thriller movies/tv-series, listening to Pakistani classical music, and spending time with my friends and family.