Isadora Rocha De Abreu

MIT Department: Biological Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Anders Hansen
Research Supervisor: Michele Gabriele
Undergraduate Institution: Nova Southeastern University
Hometown: Goias, Brazil
Website: Medium

My name is Isadora De Abreu. In my home institution, I work at Dr. Craddock’s lab investigating how different chemicals change the confirmation of the protein tubulin, associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. My research at MIT consists of investigating the mechanism of chromatin loops, specifically the CTCF binding domain and cohesion. My interests include structural biology related to gene regulation and cell communication. I am passionate about science communication and believe that science should be accessible to all. If you are an incoming intern or applicant interested to chat about the program or research contact me through my personal email on my website. In my free time I enjoy reading novels and writing about things I care about.