Gianna Williams

MIT Department: Media Arts and Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Andy Lippman
Undergraduate Institution: American University
Website: LinkedIn, Github page
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Currently, I am a Frederick Douglas Distinguished Scholar at American University, where I am majoring in Computer Science and pursuing dual minors in Sociology and Entrepreneurship. In light of my studies, I am of interested in how social implications are built into technology through technical decision-making, and developing methods to identify and alter underlying values in technology through critical technical practice. In my free time I enjoy traveling, and reading.

2021 Abstract

Liquid Videos: An Interactive Educational
Experience for Telecommunications

Gianna Williams1, Aruna Sankaranarayanan1, Andrew Lipman1
Department of Media Art and Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology

COVID-19 has devastated our health system, exacerbated our political system, and highlighted disparities within our education. The health crisis necessitated a shift from in-person to virtual learning. Students scrambled to adapt to this new learning format; however this proved difficult, especially for students with disabilities. Virtual learning platforms such as Zoom were utilized, but soon labeled as boring, redundant, uninteractive and excessively long. Liquid Video’s answers these complaints by condensing videos into a more compact time frame, creating more interesting, and therefore more beneficial, educational videos for the user. This is possible through Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing, rendering an accessible video platform that will learn to annotate videos based on the user’s time. The methodology behind this platform is used with machine learning to segment the transcript of a video by using techniques of sentence classification and topic-based segmentation. We split the education videos into Intro, Review, Calculation and Conclusion. Currently our data is sourced by Khan Academy math videos. Utilizing this application we give students their own agency and autonomy, allowing them to watch what meets their needs. In this way, Liquid Video’s will make the educational platform accessible to all students, tailoring their experience to their abilities.