Esteban Bermúdez-Berríos

MIT Department: Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Hadley Sikes
Research Supervisor: Yiying Hao
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Hometown: Caguas, Puerto Rico
Website: LinkedIn

My name is Esteban G. Bermúdez-Berríos, a Chemical Engineering undergraduate at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus. My hobbies include swimming, playing videogames, watching wrestling, and ecological tourism. Ever since my elementary school years I have been very curious and interested in learning about the world that surrounds us. Luckily, my grandmother was a teacher and she helped through this stage to develop study habits that would make me learn new concepts much faster. In middle and high school, I was exposed advanced courses in science, mathematics and technology which helped me decide on majoring in Chemical Engineering. During my years as an undergrad, my research has focused on drug delivery and regenerative medicine using different materials as nanocarriers. I have also taken electives on Materials Science and Engineering and this has motivated me to pursue graduate studies in interdisciplinary programs where I can work with materials for biomedical applications. Besides Engineering, I am interested in public policy and science policy, where important developments and inventions from the lab can be converted and scaled up into data-based proposals for the benefit of every citizen.