Divjyot Singh

MIT Department: Physics
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Salvatore Vitale
Research Supervisor: Kwan-Yeung Ng
Undergraduate Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark
Hometown: Bhopal, India
Website: Website

I am Divjyot, a rising senior pursuing Bachelor of Science honors with a double major in applied physics and applied math. I aspire to pursue a PhD in theoretical astrophysics and go on to be a researcher in academia. Using my STEM skills, I want to help humanity by improving our understanding of the universe, increase diversity, and mentoring future generations. As an undergraduate, I have conducted research projects in several disciplines. I have designed computer models to study the impact of soot on global warming, investigated the correlation between Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and air pollution, and analyzed the dependence of blender efficiency on its physical dimensions. These projects have been conducted with New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ Governor’s STEM Scholars Program, and Oxford University, respectively. In my free time, I enjoy talking to new people and being with nature.