Diego Castro Estrada

MIT Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Asu Ozdaglar, Prof. Ashia Wilson
Research Supervisor: Alireza Fallah
Undergraduate Institution: Florida International University
Hometown: Escazú, Costa Rica
Website: LinkedIn

My name is Diego Castro Estrada. I’m currently a rising junior and an international student majoring in Computer Science at Florida International University. I’m originally from Costa Rica and my native language is Spanish. I mostly like to read in my free time, but I also play video games sometimes. My research interests mostly center around the theoretical side of machine learning. In particular, they include things like providing performance guarantees for certain model architectures and ensuring that a models satisfies constraints such as fairness. However, I have some experience working in natural language processing and, as a result, I’m also very interested in the insights that analyzing narratives through the lens of nlp can provide us.