Christina James

MIT Department: Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Charles Stewart III
Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Website: LinkedIn

My name is Christina James and I am a rising senior at Spelman College majoring in Political Science and Theatre & Performance. Growing up in Miami, Florida, I had the privilege of experiencing the transformative and healing effects of theatre, and much of my identity and perspective are centered around my journey as an actor and an artist. My love for the performing arts and my passion for social justice and advocacy have been equally as influential in informing my path and aspirations. Upon graduating from Spelman College, I plan to pursue a J.D. with the goal of practicing law in a civil rights and victims’ advocacy capacity. Additionally, I will pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science so that I may return to my beloved Spelman as a professor and support the next generation of dynamic Spelman women. Finally, I will always actively seek out ways to foster greater theatre and performing arts community programming accessibility. I believe that the catharsis and magic of theatre can and should be used to alleviate many of our collective traumas and communal wounds. My research interests are centered around elections, antiracism, comparative politics, justice, and access. In my free time, I enjoy performing in and attending shows, coaching speech and debate, knitting, and spending time with my dogs.