Chantaly Villalona

MIT Department: Civic and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Desiree Plata
Research Supervisor: Kristen Riedinger
Undergraduate Institution: Wellesley College
Hometown: Newark, NJ, US
Website: LinkedIn

Hello! My name is Chantaly (Chan-tah-lee). I am originally from Newark, NJ, and am currently a junior Geoscience and Mathematics double major at Wellesley College. My interests lie in environmental and civil engineering, namely urban water management, focusing on clean drinking water access, public health, and affordable filtration systems. Through research, I aim to create a water-secure future through innovative, interdisciplinary groundwater remediation studies. God willing, my career goal is to become an engineering professor upon completing a Ph.D. and teaching at a local college in my hometown. When not in the lab, I can be found trying to make people laugh, drawing, and looking forward to Cru’s weekly bible study. A fun fact about me is that I was born on Earth Day and hope to design and build my own tiny house in the coming years.