Audrey Parker

MIT Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Desiree Plata
Research Supervisor: Omar Tantawi, Rebecca Brenneis
Undergraduate Institution: Boise State University
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Website: LinkedIn

I am an incoming senior at Boise State University studying Materials Science and Engineering with an emphasis in Chemistry and Sustainability. My previous research experiences explored plastic recycling, where I am working to develop sustainable materials composed of recycled waste. I also work as a Surface Science Lab Technician where I use atomic force microscopes (AFM) to characterize various material properties. Currently, I am using these techniques to measure biofuel samples as a suitable form of sustainable energy. After graduation I plan to pursue my PhD in Environmental Engineering to continue my research towards environmental sustainability in energy development or material characterization. Eventually, I am planning to work abroad in underrepresented communities to bring sustainable energy access throughout the world. Outside of academia, I thoroughly enjoy skiing, backpacking, sand volleyball, and exploring historic neighborhoods!