Akshat Kumar

MIT Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Stefanie Mueller
Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois at Chicago
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Honors student with a record of academic excellence and awards. Extensive undergraduate research and tutoring experiences along with developing several engineering projects. Passionate about mathematical paradoxes and proofs which are beyond intuition.


2021 Abstract

InfraredTags: 3D Printed, Instant-Read Invisible Codes using
Mobile Infrared Cameras

Akshat Kumar1, Mustafa Doga Dogan2 and Stefanie Mueller3
1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago
2, 3Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We present InfraredTags, which are invisible codes embedded in 3D printed objects that can be scanned using infrared cameras, allowing computers and mobile devices to interact with the object. The key idea is to efficiently tackle the scanning and detection of codes which are invisible to the human eye, for real-time applications. Unlike previous research, InfraredTags are not only unobtrusive and cost-effective to fabricate, but also allow users to apply existing and widely used code types such as QR codes or ArUco markers, instead of a custom code.

We introduce InfraredTags embedding interface that allows users to implant codes anywhere in any 3D shape without sacrificing the look, feel, or functionality of the object, finally printing that object in order to detect it using the InfraredTag imaging tool. This will enable new ways and applications to interact with any 3D objects, such as using existing/arbitrary objects as pointers or game controllers or remotely controlling appliances and devices in an augmented reality environment. Finally, we evaluate the accuracy of our method under different lighting conditions, when objects were printed with different filaments, and with pictures taken from various positions and angles.