Ursan Tchouteng Njike

MIT Department: Nuclear Science and Engineeirng
Undergraduate Institution: Clarkson University
Faculty Mentor: Evelyn Wang
Research Supervisor: Arny Leroy, Elise Strobach
Website: LinkedIn


Born and raised in Cameroon, I am a rising senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, traveling, and reading philosophy. I am highly interested in contributing to the sustainability of the planet through sea water purification. I have been doing research on building a freeze desalination prototype that may have a lower cost of purification than current techniques. I hope to complete this project by the time I graduate, and my ultimate goal will be to obtain a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. I have also been interested in pursuing research in quantum mechanics since I have always been fascinated by the fundamental understanding of entities. I hope to contribute to making the world a better place.