Stephen Colar Jr.

MIT Department: Architecture
Undergraduate Institution: Tuskegee University
Faculty Mentor: Skylar Tibbits
Website: LinkedIn

2019 Research Poster


Hello, my name is Stephen Colar Jr., and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am majoring in Architecture at the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science (TSACS) at the illustrious Tuskegee University. In my research I focus on two aspects. The first is the relationship between architecture and its ability to influence and improve the built environment. My second interest is on how architectural design can be affordable while also elevating the quality of life. At a glance, my hobbies include playing sports, learning computer programs and working out. My goal is to become a licensed architect, after obtaining a specialized graduate degree, and later to own my own architecture firm.

2019 Research Abstract

Growing Islands

Stephen Colar Jr.1,2, Skylar Tibbits2, and Schendy Kernizan2

1Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science, Tuskegee University
2Self-Assembly Lab Department of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


As climate change begins to progress, islands and coastal regions face a growing possibility of inundation. Typical attempts to fight storms and sea level rise rely on static physical barriers or continual coastal dredging, which try to resist change in natural forces. Our objective is to work with the forces of nature, to rebuild these coastal regions rather than to destroy. With the help from our collaborators in the Maldives, we are designing, building and deploying submersible devices that use wave energy to create sand accumulation in strategic locations. This research will further explain our objective that the accumulation of sand will grow into new islands or help rebuild existing beaches, creating an adaptable solution to protect coastal communities from rising sea levels.