Skye Bristol

MIT Department: Urban Studies
Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Faculty Mentor: Karilyn Crockett
Research Supervisor: Meesh Zucker
Website: LinkedIn

2019 Research Abstract



My name is Skye Bristol, and I am from Tampa, FL. I am currently majoring in Health Education and Behavior with two minors in Sociology and Nonprofit Organizational Leadership at the University of Florida. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I plan to pursue a PhD in Public Policy. My research interests include: opioid misuse among adolescents, youth development, HIV/AIDS, social policy, and health disparities. I enjoy spending my free time cooking, watching movies, and playing board games.

2019 Research Abstract

Hacking the Archive: Public Housing 

Skye C. Bristol1, Meesh Zucker2 and Karilyn Crockett3
1Department of Health Education and Behavior, University of Florida
2, 3Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The same era-defining battles from the 1960s are taking on a renewed political urgency. We examined the local community organizing histories from 1969 to the present of public housing and tenant managed developments to uncover the lost or forgotten histories of Boston’s diverse neighborhoods. Here we use a cross-generational approach and archival material to gather and analyze this research, a tourism brief of the tourist market in Boston, and a fight genealogy map to display the intricate and hidden connections between decades of community organizing efforts. This project links community organizing history, racial justice and resident-authored ideas of city planning and social equity to tell transformative social justice stories to inspire present and future action. Our research into public housing, specifically Bromley Heath’s history, is one of four important projects that we are researching to potentially build a larger collective archive and neighborhood-based civic educational experience for residents and tourists.