Joyceline Marealle

MIT Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: University of Rochester
Faculty Mentor: Donald Sadoway
Research Supervisor: Quanquan Pang, PhD
Website: LinkedIn

2019 Research Poster


I am from Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. I am currently a rising senior majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester. One of my career goals is attaining a Ph.D in Energy resource Engineering. My interest lies in creating affordable and efficient sustainable alternative energy resources for developing countries. Outside school I really enjoy traveling, playing the guitar, dancing and organizing community projects. One fun fact about me: I have a twin sister who is also majoring in Chemical Engineering.

2019 Research Abstract

 An Ultrafast Rechargeable Aluminum Battery.

Joyceline Marealle1, Dr Quanquan Pang 2 and Prof. Donald Sadoway2
1Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester
2Department of Material Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Demand for electric vehicles is rising due to environmental concerns, government subsidies, and improved battery performance. Lithium ion batteries may not be able to scale with the increasing demand due to their limited amount of stored charge, long re-charging times, high cost and risk of fire. Aluminum batteries are a promising replacement for lithium-ion batteries not only because aluminum is much more abundant and less expensive than lithium, but because aluminum batteries are non-flammable, have 4x the volumetric charge capacity of lithium ion batteries, and have ultrafast recharging capabilities. The focus of this research was creating an ultrafast, safe, cheap and long-cycling-life rechargeable aluminum battery for electric vehicles. The prototype batteries are composed of an aluminum-indium anode, a selenium cathode, and a molten salt (NaCl-KCl-AlCl3) electrolyte. While lithium ion batteries, have a charging rate of about 1.0 C, our aluminum batteries reach a rate of 200 C (18 seconds) due to the molten salt promoting a high power. Our aluminum batteries demonstrated excellent rate performance, high coulombic efficiency (~90%) and good stability during early testing. Our prototypes are a promising energy storage alternative that could help to propel the electric vehicle industry forward with safe, affordable, high capacity and fast re-charging batteries.