Andrea Marcano-Delgado

MIT Department: Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico-Humacao
Faculty Mentor: Robert Langer
Research Supervisor: Dr. Rameen Shakur
Website: LinkedIn


From the island Puerto Rico, I was born in San Juan and raised in a small town, San Lorenzo. Currently, I am a junior student majoring Industrial Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico-Humacao. My main goal is to obtain a PhD in Chemistry. I have a strong interest in attaining a position in academia that will allow me to simultaneously work on research and teach in the field of chemical and materials engineering for the upcoming generation. My long-term goal is having my own research lab composed of students from diverse backgrounds with the mission of developing novel materials for biomedical and energy applications. During my free time, I enjoy visiting the beaches of Puerto Rico, traveling, singing opera and watching movies.