Bolade Richardson


Faculty Mentor: Lawrence Sass

Home University: Tuskegee University

Academic Department: Architecture


Architecture, being one of my passions, rooted from my upbringing in one of the greatest US cities, Chicago. I am currently a rising 5th year student attending the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science, at Tuskegee University (TSACS). After being involved in a series of joint projects that focused on economic development in Japan, I hope to increase my research interests in cultural complexities, ecological energies, and architecture design. Revolutionizing the boundaries of contemporary design, I would like to continue understanding the needs of the community through both a local and global context. I believe that architects must serve a higher purpose of understanding humanity and creating solutions that implement critical innovation.  I would like to pursue an advanced degree, specializing in digital fabrication and computational design and work for a firm that shares the same worldwide passion as I do. My hobbies include travelling, drawing, reading, and exercise.