Natacha Lou Comandante

Lou Comandante

Faculty Mentor: Robert Langer

Direct Supervisor: Michael Mitchell

Home University: University of Washington

Academic Department: Biological Engineering


I am an international student from Macau and currently studying Bioengineering at the University of Washington. Within the field of Bioengineering, I am interested in drug delivery and engineering biomaterials. I’ve also found myself more recently interested in modeling for biomedical applications. My undergraduate research experience in Bioengineering has mainly involved developing a nano-particulate intravaginal vaccine that stimulates dendritic cells to prevent sexually transmitted infections. My current goal is to pursue a doctoral degree in Bioengineering, after which I would like to get involved in academia and promote the development and education of this field in my hometown. In my spare time, I like playing the piano, going to symphonies and playing badminton.