Jon Ell


Faculty Mentor: Michael Strano

Direct Supervisor: Seon Kwak

Home University: University of Washington

Academic Department: Chemical Engineering


My name is Jon Ell; I was born and raised in the Seattle area of Washington State. Next year, I will be graduating from the University of Washington with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. I am currently doing research with 2-dimentional materials with the Physics Department. I am interested in the hydrogen motor challenges; such as hydrogen generation, storage, and combustion. I am also interested in the potential of graphene as a component for ballistic protection. In my free time, I enjoy wakeboarding, snowboarding, swimming, ice hockey, salmon fishing; and building a wide range of things like wood decks, docks, hydrogen fuel cells, trebuchets, and flame throwers. My favorite place to visit is Hawaii where I snorkel, body surf, cliff dive, eat coconuts found on the beach, and catch lizards for fun.