Ilyssa Evans

Faculty Mentor: Kristala Jones Prather

Direct Supervisor: Irene Brockman

Home University: San Joaquin Delta College

Academic Department: Chemical Engineering


I was born in Hayward, CA and am a Bay Area native. I am a rising junior majoring in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley. My research interests lie in the world of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering – designing and optimizing biosynthetic pathways in microbes to produce valuable chemical commodities such as biofuels, biopolymers, antibiotics, etc… I want to achieve a Ph.D and work in industry, then fulfill my lifelong dream and apply to NASA to become an astronaut. In my spare time, I enjoy watching FRIENDS, finding new music, baking, drawing, being a “foodie,” and expanding my photography portfolio. I especially love to use photography as a means connect science and art.