Daniela Espinosa

Daniela EspinosaFaculty Mentor: Robert S. Langer

Direct Supervisor: Mingming Ma

Home University: Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Academic Department: Chemical Engineering


I am originally from Havana, Cuba and currently live with my parents in Puerto Rico. I am a Chemical Engineering Senior at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. I am interested in the intersection of engineering and biomedicine, developing new techniques and materials that would tackle the medical challenges currently faced by society. I love to travel and the feeling of being in new places. My parents are Architects and Ceramists, and I recently started running an online store to showcase their work. My dream is to earn my Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s degree and come to graduate school at MIT, which I have learned through my experience after two Summer programs, is the perfect place to grow intellectually as a Scientist and as an individual.