Bethel Tarekegne

Bethel TarekegneFaculty Mentor: Karl K. Berggren

Direct Supervisor: Kristen Sunter

Home University: Benedict College

Academic Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


I was born and raised in Awassa, Ethiopia, where I lived all my life until it was time for me to leave for college. Currently, I am a rising senior at Benedict College in Columbia, SC where I study Electrical Engineering. After finishing my undergraduate degree I want to pursue my education in multidisciplinary research and exploration of different ways of sustainable and clean energy productions, and their societal and political impacts. Having been born and raised in a third world country where abundant renewable energy sources are available, but have not yet been exploited due to the shortage of knowledge in the technology as well as economic policy, geared my passion to be focused on this. Thus, I am interested in joining programs that link technology and policy design, and I intend to bring a change to third world countries’ technological advancement and economical stability.