Soraya Terrab


Faculty Mentor: Alexander H. Slocum

Direct Supervisor: Folkers Rojas

Home University: Bryn Mawr College

Major: Physics



I am from Tangier, Morocco and now a senior at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, a small town in the suburbs of  Philadelphia. As a physics major in a liberal arts and sciences college, I have explored a variety of scientific fields and grew interested in interdisciplinary research in the biomedical sciences and renewable energy. After completing my graduate education in the United States and gaining some professional experience, I hope to return back to my home country and join in promoting green energy and sustainable solutions to both urban and rural areas. I enjoy playing basketball for my college team and in my free time, experimenting with cuisine, traveling and sightseeing, and learning new languages.


Solar Cooker Thermal Storage Unit

Solar cookers, using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) reflective technology, are commonly used as direct heat transfer devices, which lack energy storage capabilities.  The project consists of developing a heat storage unit to provide sensible heat delivery at a specified time for cooking.  Several storage energy storage media have been identified; however, a sunflower oil reservoir has the greatest potential due to its non-toxic, accessible, and low cost benefits.  The heat storage unit is designed to deliver at least 150 Watts of thermal energy over two hours and several hours after sunset (i.e. a net of 1 MJ of thermal energy), using only 3 liters of sunflower oil.  To meet the functional requirements the thermal reservoir is contained in a double wall stainless steel insulated container surrounded with 4 cm of firebrick (k =0.2 W/mK) in the radial direction to reduce thermal losses.  A non-imaging Fresnel lens refractor is used to charge the reservoir.  Experiments revealed unit efficiency slightly lower than calculated due to additional losses.  It is shown that the sunflower energy storage unit can be used to boil potatoes after sunset.