Ramiro Piñón


Faculty Mentor: Ian Hunter

Direct Supervisor: Adam Spanbauer

Home University: University of Texas, El Paso

Major: Mechanical Engineering



I am Ramiro Piñón. I am currently in my last year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso, UTEP. My talents reside in engineering, but my desire is to make a meaningful contribution in the medical field to help other people. I plan to continue to PhD level pursuing projects that revolve around these two aspects of my career. My hobbies include a great passion for playing the “beautiful game” (soccer), playing guitar, and dancing salsa. I am truly motivated and know that with determination, perseverance, and trust in god, anything can be achieved.


Addition of Sensors to MICA Cubes

The MICA (Measurement, Instrumentation, Control, and Analysis) Project, supported by the MIT D’Arbeloff Fund for Excellence in Education, consists of the design, creation, and implementation of a line of sensors assembled in smart, ultraportable “cubes” (25 mm per side) that are linked and wirelessly controlled from a remote computer. The system is intended to be simple enough for educational purposes while at the same time accurate enough for laboratory research. The goal of this work was to successfully implement two new sensors: The Force Sensor and Distance Measurement Sensor. The sensors were successfully implemented and accomplished the high resolution needed for its research applications.  A small biomechanics study was performed using the EMG and Force sensor of the cubes, were the results give insight into the versatility and power of the MICA cubes for research applications. In the process, a highly accurate device to manufacture the MICA cubes was developed. Ten micrometers of precision were accomplished for this device, providing for the effective and efficient assembly of the final version of the MICA cubes.