Ohiremen Dibua


Faculty Mentor: Sangeeta Bhatia

Direct Supervisor: Sabine Hauert

Home University: University of Pittsburgh

Major: Mechanical Engineering



I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA. I am intersted in a host of research including fluids, transport, nanotechnology and nanoscience, simulations, and dynamics. Additionally, I love to play tennis, write creatively, and to generally stay active. Eventually, I hope to obtain a PhD and to use the skills I gain from it to achieve my future goals.


Crowd-sourcing the design of nanoparticles for cancer treatment

Nanoparticles are being increasingly used to treat tumours. They effectively target cancer cells by sensing and interacting with their tumour environments as well as by working in concert with one another through signaling and self-assembly. Though nanoparticles have great therapeutic potential, their design is challenging. The behavior of nanoparticles within tumours is non-intuitive and experimentally testing all possible designs is unfeasible. Therefore, a game is being developed which channels public desire to battle cancer by enabling them to design, and implement a variety of nanoparticle treatments. Presently, the online component of the game, in which players design treatments, is connected with the Stochastic Simulator Compiler (SSC), which realistically simulates the designed nanoparticles within a tumour environment. Additionally, the design and simulation parameters that limit game performance are investigated. The long-term goal of this project is to experimentally test the nanoparticle designs that, qualitatively, are found to be most effective against tumours.