Mauricio Flores


Faculty Mentor: Laurent Demanet

Direct Supervisor: Leonardo Zepeda

Home University: University of Texas at Brownsville

Major: Mathematics and Physics



I was born and raised in Valparaiso, Chile. As a child I was very lucky to learn how to play chess, and later become a professional chess player. In 2008, I received a college-scholarship to play chess for the University of Texas at Brownsville. I am a senior in Mathematics and Physics. My research field is Computational Mathematics. My prior research experiences have focused on numerical analysis, signal processing, and physical simulations.  My career goal is to obtain a PhD in Applied Mathematics or Computational Physics, to be an active researcher, and to make a positive impact in computational mathematics through the development of new numerical algorithms. In my free time I like to play guitar, piano and table tennis.


Stable Time Identification of Ricker Wavelets

The time identification of low energy impulses plays a major role in the field of seismic imaging. In this context, we have developed an algorithm for the time identification of Ricker wavelets in the presence of noise, through high-resolution spectral estimation techniques. As a result of this work, we are capable of identifying the time of emission and the intensity of dozens of Ricker wavelets within noisy data, and have quantitative error bounds for their recovery, as a function of the noise level present in the ground data, the number of wavelets and the sample size.