Grace Christenbery


Faculty Mentor: Frédo Durand

Direct Supervisor: Abe Davis

Home University: University of North Carolina

Major: Computer Science



I am a Computer Scientist from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am currently working on my Computer Science degree, B.S., with a focus in Graphics and Visualization. My research interests include data visualization, graphics, and bioinformatics. My hobbies include art, frisbee, and cooking gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan dishes. I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science.


Democratizing bullet time by real-time synchronization of mobile devices

Bullet-time effects, also known as frozen time, have been made popular by movies such as the Matrix. These effects involve freezing an action and allowing the creation of a video where the viewpoint orbits around an action scene. When utilizing photographed or filmed real-world objects, bullet time usually involves the careful synchronization of many high-end cameras. We want to democratize bullet time by creating an application that allows multiple mobile-devices to be synchronized to take a picture at the precise same-time. The main challenge to overcome is the latency imposed by wireless communication and the OS when triggering the camera. The second challenge is post-processing the images.