Bethel Tarekegne


Faculty Mentor: Gang Chen

Direct Supervisor: Bolin Liao

Home University: Benedict College

Major: Electrical Engineering



I was born and raised in the naturally gifted and beautiful city Awassa, Ethiopia. I am currently attending Benedict College in Columbia, SC and I am a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. After my undergraduate degree I intend to pursue my education towards PhD, and become a professor. My research interest is in power electronics; especially, concerned with the effective usage of renewable natural resources as power sources in order to maintain a clean and green environment. I love nature, and my connection with nature has inspired me towards my passion to develop green energy and efficient transmission methods. Apart from my education, I like playing soccer, swimming, biking, and kayaking at times.


Designing and Prototyping a DC-DC Voltage Booster for Solar Thermoelectric Power Generators (STEGs)

Solar thermoelectric power generators (STEGs) are a promising new approach that has the potential to achieve cost-effective conversion of solar energy into electricity. This is done by converting thermal energy from a temperature gradient into electric energy due to the Seebeck effect. Nevertheless, the output voltage level from STEGs is low and limits its possible applications. The main focus of this project is to design and prototype a DC-DC voltage booster for STEGs. This will allow us to take the low output voltage of the STEGs and boost it into a high applicable output voltage. Experiments are first carried out on breadboards, followed by the design, construction, and testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs).