Ariel Anders




Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

PhD Candidate, 5th Year



Bakersfield, California

Undergraduate institution

University of California, Santa Cruz

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

Robots are awesome!!

Personal research summary

My research focus is humanoid robotic manipulation. My master’s thesis investigated applying reinforcement learning to robotic grasping. More recently I collaborated on a multi robot planning project that was applied to several domains, including a drink delivery one. I focused on the manipulation aspect of this project and programmed our PR2 robot to pick up drinks and place them on smaller mobile robots. My current focus is improving a robot’s manipulation ability by creating motion constraints to limit an object’s motion for repeatable and robust movement results. Ultimately, my goal for my research is for the robot to solve long sequential manipulation problems like cleaning up my dorm room.

Personal interests

Sometimes I spend my Thursday nights as a Karaoke host at the Thirsty Ear. I’m also a proud supporter of Hawaiian shirt Wednesday.