Jean Carlos Serrano Flores




Mechanical Engineering

PhD Student, 1st Year



San Juan, Puerto Rico

Undergraduate institution

University of Puerto Rico

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

As I was taking engineering mechanics courses, I became interested in the overlap between mechanics and different physiological phenomena in the human body. Eventually, this interdisciplinary interest took into the field of mechanobiology in which we study the physiological influence of external mechanical forces in biological systems at different scales including: whole organs, tissue or even individual cells.

Personal research summary

During the last century, significant efforts in science has been oriented towards understanding the biological and chemical basis by which diseases initiate and develop. Conversely, little is known with respect to the mechanical context of pathological events in the human body. Interestingly, recent research has validated the role of mechanical stimuli in the pathogenesis and progression of certain diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.My specific research is oriented towards quantitatively evaluate and understand the mechanics of cancer metastasis. By having a more quantitative approach to evaluate specific metastatic events, we can incorporate novel chemotherapeutics in our studies and quantify the efficiency of new treatments against the dissemination of cancer throughout the body.

Personal interests

I always enjoy to workout during my spare time especially: crossfit, running and swimming; as well as music production.