Caris Moses




Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

PhD Student, 1st Year



Fairfax Station, VA

Undergraduate institution

Cornell University

What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

Robots are becoming increasingly intelligent. The question I am constantly asking is, with this increased intelligence how can we make these systems better at adapting to unpredictable situations? I was first exposed to robotics in an undergraduate course where I was tasked with building a “battlebot”. Through that process I was able to see algorithms come to life. The work that came out of MIT’s DARPA Robotics Challenge Team was very important as it addressed the issues of enabling robots to react to unforeseen events. I am excited to address this and many other topics in the field of robotics.

Personal research summary

I haven’t begun doing research as yet, but I plan on working on applying machine learning tools to robotic planning. This includes tasks like learning from demonstration, reinforcement learning, adaptive controls, and many other topics.