Phillip Daniel




Mechanical Engineering

PhD Candidate, First Year



Durham, North Carolina

Undergraduate institution


What sparked your interest in your current field, and what do you love about it?

A thorough knowledge of the relationship between design, fabrication, and control methods is needed to make contributions to research on precision electro-mechanical systems. Also, new high performance systems are continually enabled by advances in fabrication methods, simulation tools, computing power, etc. I find these challenges and opportunities fascinating. I also believe that contributions to this field of research yield benefits that are valuable in industrial contexts. My goal is to have an impactful career heading the research and development of precision electro-mechanical systems.

Personal research summary

I am continuing the development of a wearable robotic device that will assist workers perform bi-manual tasks on the ground. Currently workers are required to maintain physically exhausting postures while completing tasks like welding for industries in aircraft assembly or ship building. My current research investigates a new kind of exoskeleton that will stabilize workers as they complete tasks on the ground. This device, called a Supernumerary Robotic Limb (SRL), will then take the place of the worker’s arms as they crawl. By crawling with workers, the SRL will alleviate any strain associated with repeatedly standing from a crouched position. Through this project I will be broadly exploring how to coordinate work between a robotic system and a human.

Personal interests

I love jogging, playing board-games, biking, and making fun projects when I have the time.